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If Darwin’s natural selection had been allowed to work properly I probably shouldn’t be here, so it wasn’t too big a surprise when my life as I knew it was stopped in its tracks a few years ago by a ridiculously rare and complicated neurological illness. Well and truly shipwrecked, I faced continuing on in the lifeboat, and this blog relates some of the stories and adventures I get up to in the times between relapses when I get a chance to temporarily use a half -decently functioning body. I’m not saying it’s a bed of roses  having a chronically relapsing neurological illness, but there are silver linings, and I will forever be grateful of the upsides it has brought to my life. Being forced to jump into another track has given me a chance to explore a side of myself and develop interests I never would have had a chance to do otherwise.

A lot of the time, you wouldn’t really guess from the outside, and that awareness that we’re all on a unique journey, doing our best to find a way through on our own bumpy journeys, with depths of hidden stories behind our façades, gives me an approach to my photography, which in turn is a catalyst for some wonderful adventures and human encounters.

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Although the quote is often attributed to him, I’ve a sneaking feeling it wasn’t actually Voltaire who said “life’s a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats” but rather an essayist talking about his work.

It seemed like quite an apt title for the story of my adventures though, as I try to do exactly that, and where I can, encourage others to do the same. There’s nothing like travelling the world with open eyes to put our own difficulties in perspective.



Those of us who are lucky enough to have slipped through Darwin’s net should really make the very most of our precious short time here, it won’t last for ever! It won’t go right all the time, we can’t always avoid the shipwrecks, but we can look for the bright side, enjoy the little things, dance, smile make the most of it and sing away in those lifeboats and remember how lucky we are to be here at all!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Your photos are fascinating! People are the best subjects of interest when traveling and we can always learn a lot from strangers. Really enjoying your photographs and will follow your journeys. All the best!


  2. Hello – not sure how you feel about these things but I nominated you for an award. Details are here: http://tastehitch.com/2014/10/08/black-wolf-blogger-award-huzzah/

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  3. Thats absolutely beautiful Clare.


  4. Well done clare you are an inspiration your photos are so good a real talent ‘all love xpx

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  5. Beautiful uplifting and thought provoking if only we could get everyone to realise how precious our lives/journeys are then just maybe everyone’s life would be that bit richer x

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  6. Nice one Clare…just a shame that we didn’t connect with Popeye…one day perhaps ?

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  7. beautiful photos, a beautiful site and a beautiful mind. Thanks.x


  8. Hey my lovely friend. I know all about your shipwrecks. However, I am one of the people who has had their life enhanced by singing and dancing in your lifeboat on many occasions. For that I thank you. Much love always. Jane x

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  9. You have an amazing talent…..for your friends , and for photography…Singing along in my own lifeboat, and loving to see all you are up to..big hug x


  10. You never cease to amaze me, you have an ability and strength to find something positive in any and all situations and then illustrate it with meaningful and beautiful images.

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  11. As I have said before a true inspiration to others, a beautiful person who has found her niche with photography & writing about the people of her travels. At times life can have its hurdles, however you manage to jump back up, with a smile on your face. It was through your travels I was lucky enough to meet you and become a special friend. Clare you have given so much to others and your blog indicates this.
    Wonderful work. Love, Barb

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  12. Clare, had a chance conversation with Martin at w/e which led him to share your amazing blog with me. What a brilliant life philosophy you have, matched with a talented eye for photography, post more inspiration please! best, Lewis

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  13. I have never seen such a lovely way to explain a place. Enjoyed a lot reading and watching beautiful pics.


    • Thank you so much for your kindness in leaving a comment and for your appreciation. You’ve nudged me to update the blog with some more recent stories, but in the meantime you might like to check out my fb page ‘Clare Rowntree Photography’ 🙂


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